Wednesday, April 25, 2007

getting started

This blog is my (~thewildword) coding site.

I am a web coder after all. And today I was thinking about blogging about some javaScript/.net coding a was doing.

Showing some code and the like. But thewildword is mostly me wining about things so I thought that might not be the best place for it.

So I came up with this site.

Why theBridgeCoder?

Well the type of coding I do is .net middle tear coding and front end JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, AJAX, XML (and so on) programmer.

I can do some back-end stuff. Set up DB, stored procedures and the like. but I am not a hard core back end person. but I have been doing lots of work learning server controls in .net and the like.

The big problem I have is that there dose not seem to be lots of people or sites that are good at tying the .net element/control building to the rendered site and JS that goes with it. So that is what this site is going to be. Or at lest try to be!

a Bridge between the Middle Tear(and back-end) and front end programming.

I will share what I have learned, what has worked and what I have problems with. And look forward to others thoughts, ideas and comments on what I do as well.

A little more info about my skills.

.net, C# (NO VB!), XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript (back end and front end), CSS (the amount of people that don't know css stuns me!)

SQL, SQL Server. I also know Perl some and I would like to learn some JAVA. so you might see some of that pop up.

I also do AJAX!

Let me say what I mean by AJAX. it seems the world has a hard time with what AJAX is!

AJAX is not DHTML. DHMTL is how you get the data from the page after you get it back using AJAX.

AJAX to me is requires that the page is reacting to an event and doing something to go get info form the server and return it to the page without reloading the page. A round trip at some point is required.

You are not just displaying hidden or changed data that is already on the page.

My AJAX Method that I use most is a JASON style

Well there you go.

I will post as I can. Hope you enjoy.

theBridgeCoder ~d